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A Drug to Treat Aging May Not Be a Pipe Dream

π—§π—΅π—Άπ—»π—Έπ™π˜Όπ™Žπ™. There are several drug development programs currently in the works that seem to indicate that we may be about to enter into an entirely new and qualitatively different era of medicine. Two examples. First, existing products like Wegovy and Ozempic. Two injectable drugs that tackle obesity as a disease, not as a failure of willpower. Wegovy was labeled a β€œgame changer” when it was approved. Both of these products reset the body’s food consumption model, leading to significant and permanent weight loss.

Even more game changing is the research being done in β€œsenolytics,” a class of treatments that target senescent cells that accumulate in our bodies as we age and apparently contribute to our decline. Check into the URL provided below, and you will see that it is likely that this research will begin to pay off in 2023, as doctors will actually begin to be able to treat aging itself, not just to manage its correlates and symptoms.

SO. A brave new world of medicine may well be on the horizon. Doctors treating obesity at its root cause, not with psychostimulants. And even more exciting, doctors able to keep the ravages of aging from bedeviling their patients.

Sneak a peek into the future at:https://www.wired.com/story/drugs-aging-medicine-biotech/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Issue:%202023-01-03%20BioPharma%20Dive%20%5Bissue:47012%5D&utm_term=BioPharma%20Dive

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