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DG Wellbeing: Healthcare Provided by DocGo

𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗸𝙁𝘼𝙎𝙏. Here’s a strange one. As part of their DGWellbeing brand, Dollar General has just announced a broadening of their relationship with DocGo, an operator of doc-in-a-box clinics with a twist. A four wheel twist. DocGo has their clinicians working in vans that can be “conveniently” placed in parking lots “right outside” of Dollar General stores.

A couple of questions arise, the most interesting of which is “What will be the positioning of this partnership?” Dollar General is not exactly upscale retail, and one wonders if people will really want their “chronic conditions” like diabetes and hypertension, managed by an extension of a discount retailer.

Which also leads one to wonder about the economics of this deal. What fees will be charged? What insurance accepted?

But there may be a bright side. DG stores are often located in areas that are “medical deserts,” without even an urgent care to be found. There is the real possibility that this might turn out to be a bone fide move to “serve the underserved.” If so, right on!

One final question arises. What do I do as a DocGo patient if my “doc” drives away, and with the van goes any relationship that we have formed, my medical records, etc.? Novel approach. Seems from the totality of this ad that the DGWellbeing brand is really about helping the DG store sell OTC products, supplements, etc. Will this partnership help do that?

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