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Elevating Creative Campaign Performance

By Noah M. Pines and Will Leopold, ThinkGen

Introduction: A New Set of Best Practices

Pharmaceutical marketing is undergoing a transformation to adapt to the evolving information needs and media habits of health care providers, consumers, and decision- makers. Today’s watchword, omnichannel, means seamlessly engaging the customer at the right place, at the right time, with the right information to drive them from awareness and interest to successful trial and regular product usage.

One major challenge is cutting through the environmental clutter, capturing customers’ attention, and engaging them in an authentic way. As part of this omnichannel evolution, nailing the creative elements of the campaign is critical – elements ranging from the visuals and videos to the logo and color palate.

A new set of marketing research techniques is emerging, superimposed onto the existing palate of methods, to support effective creative campaign development – many of whiScMh grew and evolved rapidly due to the constraints of the pandemic. As we will show, these techniques are already being applied effectively across a range of therapeutic areas to support breakthrough in a world where customers are endlessly distracted.

Start by Surfacing Authentic Customer Insights with Digital Ethnography

The customer journey has been widely adopted by pharma companies as the foundational basis of commercial development and as the launch pad for what will eventually become a successful campaign. Customer journeys integrate the events - transactional and operational - as well as emotional components that comprise the customer experience over time and are intended to reveal critical “leverage points” for unbranded and branded engagement.


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