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ThinkGen’s Habit Lens(SM): The Missing Element of Pharmaceutical Brand Strategy

𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗸𝙁𝘼𝙎𝙏.  ***HOT OFF THE PRESSES*** as many of our clients start the 2024 brand planning process – ThinkGen's Noah Pines and Audrey Wu have co-authored a paper on ThinkGen’s Habit Lens(SM): The Missing Element of Pharmaceutical Brand Strategy.

If you’ve heard this in your brand planning sessions:
·      “We need to address the inertia in the market.”
·      “We need to make this clinical endpoint matter to physicians.”
·      “We need to break their habit.”

… and you’re wondering HOW to actually do this – click below to learn more, and scroll down for the introduction to the paper.
Introduction: The Blind Spot in Brand Planning
Most pharma marketing teams have a blind spot. They significantly overestimate customers’ demand for new treatments, while overlooking or underestimating the behavioral inertia – customers’ ingrained behaviors or habits – that must be overcome for a new product to reach the hands of patients who need them most.

There is an answer. Marketing teams must incorporate a deep understanding of customer habits at the earliest stages of launch planning and demand forecasting. This type of research and analysis
helps teams fully grasp the drivers and barriers of this behavioral inertia, and design and calibrate their launch priorities accordingly.

While technology, social media, and CPG companies thrive on the neuromarketing insights of habit understanding, few of today’s biopharma companies do this.
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